Prince Finally Gives the Internet His Blessing to Watch Him Cover Radiohead’s ‘Creep’

Back in 2008, Prince headlined Coachella and unexpectedly covered Radiohead’s “Creep.” Unfortunately for fans who didn’t trek it to Indio that year, that performance ended up being one of the decade’s biggest you-had-to-be-there moments, thanks to Prince’s famously sporadic anti-internet stance: He yanked all videos from the set from YouTube, because whatever the Purple One says goes. Thom Yorke — who may hate YouTube even more than Prince — has tried to get Prince to lighten up and put the cover online, correctly arguing that Prince technically doesn’t have the right to block the cover for copyright reasons, since he doesn’t own the song or the footage. Well, Prince has either had a change of heart or stopped caring (we’ll bet on the latter), because grainy footage from his cover resurfaced on YouTube in October. And on Monday, Prince mysteriously tweeted a link to watch it, which we’ll happily interpret as full permission to watch the cover immediately before he changes his mind or makes the video a Tidal exclusive. Hurry!

Prince’s Radiohead Cover Is Finally Back Online