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Watch Quentin Tarantino and Co. Kind of Address the Hateful Eight Script Leak on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Remember when The Hateful Eight script leaked and almost signaled the movie’s death? Tarantino and his trusty peace signs definitely do, but fortunately everybody can laugh (nervously) about that whole ordeal now, as you’ll see above and below.

Most of the film’s cast also visited Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night to share similar Tarantino-themed anecdotes, the best and most unexpected of which came in the form of a couple Marlon Brando–Samuel L. Jackson highlights:

As for Tarantino’s latest, it will still come out on Christmas — and, according to Variety, kicked off to a good start with a protestless early West Coast premiere in Hollywood.

Tarantino Addresses Hateful Eight Leak on Kimmel