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R. Kelly Goes on HuffPost Live for an Extremely Painful Interview About Why His New Album Is Tanking

R. Kelly is a very talented singer. You can’t deny this. But R. Kelly has done some pretty horrible things that are impossible to ignore. Take, for instance, a recent video he posted online, in which he blames low album sales for his latest release, The Buffet, on “lack of support,” instead of the more obvious answer, which is that people don’t really want another R. Kelly album right now. To try to convince us otherwise, the Chicago R&B legend went on HuffPost Live to make his case, and when host Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani asks him to explain why he thinks no one is buying his album, Kelly blames it on computers, and also accuses Modarressy-Tehrani of staging a deposition. The whole thing, like many aspects of Kelly’s career, is cringeworthy, but if you want to hear him make an awkward analogy using a hamburger commercial, you should watch.

R. Kelly Needs to Leave the Internet for a While