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Watch The Santa Clause Become Truly Horrifying

We all gain a little weight during the holidays, what with all the hefty meals, and we all start contemplating the passage of time when the New Year approaches. But what if you couldn’t stop gaining weight? And you suddenly aged 40 years and didn’t recognize your own reflection?

These questions were taken for granted in the 1994 Tim Allen mass-marketed holiday trifle The Santa Clause. But if you take a step back and think about what happens to Allen’s character (he accidentally witnesses Santa’s tragic death and assumes Kris Kringle’s powers and body traits), it’s a lot more like a David Cronenberg movie in the vein of The Fly or Videodrome than a family charmer. So, this Christmas week, we’ve reimagined The Santa Clause as a flick directed by the master of body horror. Convulse in holiday terror.

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