Rita Ora’s Got 99 Problems and Jay Z Is at Least One

Rap Beef. Photo: Getty Images

Ora’s having label problems, I feel bad for her, son. She’s got 99 problems and Jay Z is one. She wants to take hold of the U.S. chart polls, Roc Nation wanna make sure her options are closed. Music critics say, “Who’s ever seen Ora’s shows?” Billboard reports her label’s been inattentive so what kinds of facts are those? If you’d been under contract for seven years tho, in California you can sue to get out from their hold, so Ora won’t have to “self-fund” her videos. If Roc Nation doesn’t wanna promote her they can just let her go, with the Seven-Year Rule established in nineteen forty fo’ artists can’t be held in a contract beyond seven years and treated second class, especially if the label won’t give ‘em more cash for ads. I don’t know what you take Ora as, or understand the argument her attorney has, but she’s from the streets of London so she ain’t dumb. Ora’s got 99 problems and Jay Z’s at least one.

Rita Ora’s Got 99 Problems and Jay Z Is One