Robitussin Is Basically #FutureHive Now, Sneaks a DS2 Plug Into New Commercial

Future’s addiction to lean has been heavily publicized (but hopefully not emulated by his #FutureHive), and now it has a super on-brand endorsement. In a new Robitussin commercial, the cough-syrup company (or, more likely, someone at their ad agency) managed to sneak in a reference to the vibrant-colored Shutterstock image from Future’s DS2 album cover in the germs one contagious guy coughs up all over a crowded elevator. Cover your mouth, dude! It’s either Robitussin’s way of supporting dirty Sprite without actually putting Styrofoam cups in all their commercials, or it’s a shameless ploy to get Future to stop advertising their competitor Actavis in all his lyrics. (Hey, at least they got that one Drake shout-out.) You be the judge! Here’s the DS2 cover for reference:

Robitussin’s New Ad Basically Sells Future’s DS2