Russell Crowe Fights With Virgin Australia After Hoverboards Are Refused As Luggage, a Problem He Wouldn’t Have If We Had Actual Hoverboards Already

Photo: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

A man has to know when it’s time to take a stand, and what better time than when an airline refuses to accept hoverboards as cargo due to the very real possibility that they might burst into flames in the belly of the plane? Russell Crowe knows what I’m talking about! The Noah actor took on Virgin Australia via Twitter after Crowe and sons Tennyson and Charles attempted to check into their holiday flight only to find that hoverboards are not permitted on Virgin aircraft.

Virgin Australia gently pointed out that hoverboards have been banned by all major Australian airlines due to fears about the toy’s lithium batteries, a fact that is listed under the Dangerous Goods section of their confirmation email.

It’s 2015, people! Russell Crowe shouldn’t even be trying to get his sons’ toy hoverboards on a plane. He should be rocketing alongside them across the Great Victoria Desert on actual hoverboards, suspended several feet above the ground and hurtling through space at speeds upwards of 90 mph. That’s the real crime here. The crime of not having real hoverboards. The whole thing makes me sick.

Russell Crowe Battles Airline Over Hoverboards