Finally, the Secret to Lena Dunham’s Success Revealed: She Can Clone Herself!

FIJI Water at The Hollywood Reporter's 24th Annual Women In Entertainment Breakfast
One Lena Dunham. Photo: Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

It’s very easy, in the deepest darkest parts of yourself, to be very jealous of Lena Dunham. She’s done so much, but she’s just so young! But now, finally, we have the footage that can finally let you throw away your poisonous envy for good. You see, it’s not your fault that you’re still struggling while Lena Dunham soars: She was just born with advantages you don’t have. Namely, the ability to clone herself and be in two places at once, just like the Marvel superhero Multiple Man. Dunham accidentally revealed her superpower at the Hollywood Reporter 2015 Women in Entertainment breakfast, where Jezebel spotted her laughing at a speech being given by herself. We can only hope that, with her secret out, our superhuman auteur overlord decides to use her abilities for good. Otherwise, God help us all (especially bloggers).

Secret to Lena Dunham’s Success: Cloning Herself