Dang, Force Awakens Gave Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Her Same Star Wars Hairstyle

We still don’t know if Princess Leia’s daughter will appear in Force Awakens, but we do know that Carrie Fisher’s will: Fisher’s real-life daughter, Billie Lourd (whom you may recognize from Scream Queens), was cast alongside her mother in the film in an unknown role that everyone swears is not “Princess Leia’s daughter.” To help you point her out, People has the first shots of Lourd in costume in the film, and it turns out she’s rocking a modified version of Leia’s famous cinnamon-bun haircut. Now when you see that hairstyle in the film, you’ll be able to nudge your companions and say, “That’s Carrie Fisher’s real-life daughter,” and everyone will know you’re really smart.

Photo: 2015Lucasfilm LTD/Courtesy of People
See Carrie Fisher’s Daughter in Star Wars