45 Minutes of Nick Offerman Silently Glaring Is Your New Favorite Christmas Tradition

Back in 2013, the New York Times reported that Norwegians were enthralled by the TV special National Firewood Night, which climaxed with an eight-hour broadcast of a pile of burning wood. Now, finally, America has a holiday tradition to match: Nick Offerman’s yule log, in which the Parks and Recreation star sits beside a fire, sipping whiskey and silently glowering into the camera, for nearly an hour. (Unlike a traditional yule log, it’s not on a loop.) Like any Christmas, it’s an exercise in Hitchcockian tension: When’s he going to take a sip? Will he cross his legs? And oh gawd, is he mad about that sweater you got him?

See Nick Offerman’s Silent, 45-Minute Yule Log