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Late Night With Seth Meyers Compiled Responses to Obama on Terror, If You Want to Feel Very Bad About Everything Forever

From suggesting you call the cops on your Muslim co-workers to calling President Obama a “pussy,” the recent conversation on terror is really showing America at its zenith. Oh, no, not zenith. What’s the opposite of zenith? The toilet! Our conversation about how to address terror is in the toilet. Late Night With Seth Meyers brings that point home with a compilation of the most cringe-inducing reactions to Obama’s most recent speech about terror. It’s like a grab bag, except when you put your hand in the bag, it’s just filled to the brim with warm slime. An assortment of amuse-bouche, if an amuse-bouche was supposed to make you throw up forever rather than make you hungrier.

Seth Meyers’s Highlight Reel of Terror Responses