Sharon Stone Joins James Franco’s New Movie; Do You Get It? Could You Explain It to Us?

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James Franco’s new film The Disaster Artist already has a stacked cast — Zac Efron, Alison Brie, Peeta, Hannibal Buress, Kate Upton, Ari Graynor, successful reboot of James Franco, Dave Franco — which makes the latest bit of news from the film all the more confusing: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sharon Stone has joined the cast. [Pauses for a laugh.] Wait, do you get it? Yeah, we totally get it. Stone, known for her role in the Basic Instinct movies, will play a Hollywood agent across from Franco’s Tommy Wiseau, the man who created the infamously terrible film, The Room. The two will also deliver the Lovelace reunion you never knew you wanted. Wait, is that the joke? Is this all secretly a Lovelace promo? Well played, James Franco. Well played.

Sharon Stone Joins James Franco’s New Movie