Taylor Swift Accidentally Reappeared on Spotify Under Lostprophets

Photo: Getty Images

A few days ago, Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” reappeared on Spotify under the profile of Lostprophets, the band most known for being fronted by convicted pedophile Ian Watkins. According to NME, the song appeared on Spotify as attributed to Lostprophets on December 4 and was only removed today. A spokesperson from the company told The Guardian, “the track in question was delivered to us by a provider, whose responsibility it is to ensure that content delivered to Spotify is fully licensed and in compliance with our Infringement Policy … We take the integrity of our catalogue very seriously, and will immediately remove any content that is found to be incorrectly licensed or attributed to the incorrect artist or composer.” Swift’s music hasn’t been available on Spotify since November 2014, after she penned an op-ed in The Wall Street Journal deriding its freemium option and insubstantial payment to artists. She has yet to make a comment on the snafu; either way, this is totally, totally gross.

Swift Reappears on Spotify in Worst Way Possible