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The Daily Show Secretly Canceled Its Chris Brown Interview

Looks like Noah lost this one. Photo: Getty Images

On Tuesday night, Chris Brown was scheduled to appear on The Daily Show. But if you tuned in, all you saw was Jessica Williams’s search for an actual hovering hoverboard and Trevor Noah interviewing someone who looked an awful lot like Nick Cannon, but not Chris Brown. The Daily Beast reported on Monday that several TDS staffers “disapproved” of having Brown on the show, despite Noah’s plan to use Brown’s interview as a platform to discuss the embattled singer’s history of domestic violence — Noah’s own mother was abused by his stepfather — rather than just promote Brown’s new album. (In the past, Noah had tweeted jokes about Brown’s assault on Rihanna.) Noah, it seems, lost the fight to get him on the show. But giving up his late-night interview to Nick Cannon was just the cherry on a bad day for Brown: He was also forced to cancel a tour in New Zealand and Australia after both countries reportedly denied him a visa back in September due to his violent past.

Update: Comedy Central has issued a statement to EW saying, “Guest bookings are always subject to change. The show hopes to reschedule Chris for a future appearance.”

TDS Canceled Its Chris Brown Interview