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The Walking Dead Mid-Season Teaser: Hey, Look, Rick Has a Hatchet and Maggie Is Really Upset About Something

AMC has aired a nice treat, in the form of a mid-season teaser, to close out the Old Year and give more glimpses of The Walking Dead’s return. The brief glimmers of new footage above, however, raise a few questions: Why is guts-covered Rick going crazy with that hatchet? Has Rick ever read Gary Paulsen’s Hatchet? What is Maggie yelling about? Also, what is she yelling — “Glenn,” “Rick,” or “Ham“? For now, Cinema Blend has source material-related (warning: spoilers) ideas about the hatchet stuff, and fortunately, the show returns February 14 to promptly solve the other mysteries.

TWD Mid-Season Teaser: Hey, Rick Has a Hatchet