There’s a New Blink-182 Album Coming, With or Without Tom DeLonge

Blink 182 Publicity Shoot
The boys. Photo: Estevan Oriol/Getty Images

Get ready to take off your pants and jacket: There’s a new Blink-182 album coming in 2016. In the comments of a recent Instagram photo, drummer Travis Barker confirmed to a fan that 2016 will bring a new album from the band. When the album debuts, Barker and bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus will be onboard, but it’s not likely that guitarist Tom DeLonge will join them. DeLonge has previously stated that he didn’t quit the band, while Hoppus and Barker have insinuated that they’re inching toward a “friendly divorce” and that DeLonge’s involvement is purely legal. Having recently replaced DeLonge for live shows, Alkaline Trio guitarist Matt Skiba has stated that he’s discussed joining the band for their next album. You know how the saying goes: The rock show must go on.

There’s a New Blink-182 Album Coming