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Tina Fey Tells Ellen About the Time She Sat on Santa Claus’s Lap in a Trailer

Just in time for Christmas, Tina Fey regaled Ellen with a story about going to sit on Santa’s lap when she was a kid. Like all good Christmas stories, it’s a little bit heartwarming and a little bit creepy. Tina explained she went to see Santa in “a trailer that was parked in the J.C. Penney parking lot. A trailer with a Plexiglas window.” Was this guy in a red suit hanging in his trailer even affiliated with J.C. Penney? (What would Tina Fey do without J.C. Penney?) Tina had the same questions you do. Only Santa and the Christmas gods and Krampus and the reindeer know the truth, but Tina speculates he might have just been “a guy with a trailer and a dream.”

Tina Fey and Ellen Talk About Santa in a Trailer