Tina Fey and the Ladies of SNL Have a Tiny Alternate Hollywood in Their Group Texts and You Would Like to See It Please

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Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty Images

If you were Indiana Jones, your Ark of the Covenant would be the group text shared by the women of SNL. If you ever actually got to see it, of course, your face would melt off and your eyes boil in their sockets, but it would be from laughing so hard. In today’s New York Times interview, Fey and Poehler reveal that the group texts aren’t just about doing nonstop hilarious bits, they’re also about are taking care of business. Specifically, the business of casting their movie Sisters with other group-text members. “‘Tina texted me,’ Maya Rudolph recalled, ‘and said: “Would you please come be in our movie? You get to be a real jerk named Brinda-with-an-I.” And I was like, I’m there.’” Think of all the casting suggestions they must have bandied around on there! The character details! The other feature-film ideas! That group text is basically its own teeny tiny portable comedy empire. Definitely worth having your face melt off to read it. You only used your face to read about Tina Fey and Amy Poehler anyway, so.

Tina Fey Cast Maya Rudolph Via Group Text