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Tina Fey Knows What the ‘Mom Jeans’ Sequel Would Be, and It’s So Good, You Will Be Enraged

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In a new Glamour interview that will make you look at your close friend, spouse, sister, and/or comedy partner and stifle the urge to scream, “Why? Why are you not Tina Fey or Amy Poehler?” the former SNL stars and current queens of your heart riff charmingly on topics like their long-standing relationship:

“Poehler: [Draws question.] OK, what’s your secret to maintaining your 20-some-year friendship?

Fey: We don’t see each other very often.

Poehler: That’s right. [Laughs.] It’s like a good marriage. My mom always says it’s very important to have people in your life who knew you when. The older you get, the more you treasure that idea of someone knowing your family and where you came from, and being around during these times and these times. Tina and I, we don’t have any sisters. So we’ve rented them.

Fey: [Laughs.] We found sisters.”

Ugh, these two. The pair also get into their experience shooting the upcoming comedy Sisters, which, as you might have imagined, sounds like it was a dream come true:

TF: [Picks a question.] Glamour Facebook follower Barbara Kam asks: “Can you describe what working with your best friend is like?” 

AP: Very easy, very, very easy. There’s usually this moment at the beginning of a film when you have to go out for dinner and talk to the person and be like, “How do you like to work?” 

TF: Yeah, and sometimes that goes on for weeks.

AP: We didn’t have to do any of that when we first started Sisters.

TF: Yeah, usually, you have to have sex with them—

AP: You have sex with them to see if there’s chemistry, then you stalk them for a while. Then you get them fired, the usual stuff. [Laughs.]”

Tina Fey also looks back at an earlier collaboration with Poehler, and pitches a more-than-worthy successor to her classic “Mom Jeans” sketch off-the-cuff, because both she and Amy Poehler are comedy machines: 

“TF: [Draws question.] If you were to do a commercial similar to “Mom Jeans” now, what would it be? Well, granny panties are back. Maybe one called, like, “Granny Panties for Him,” and it’s a man wearing really high granny panties? “Granny Panties Pour Homme!”

Tina Fey just riffed that sketch. Imagine having such amazing comedic synergy that you just riff “Granny Panties Pour Homme” with your BFF in an interview. What’s the word for when you are so packed to the gills with envy that you go all the way back around and feel only respect and warm approval? Oh, right, admiration. That’s the one. If only they were hosting SNL together on December 19.

Tina Fey Knows What the New ‘Mom Jeans’ Would Be