Desierto Trailer: Man, the World Really Wants Us to Believe Jeffrey Dean Morgan Is a Monster

If you’re MIA, you tackle America’s immigration and refugee crises with a visually grand and politically damning music video. If you’re Jonás Cuarón, son of Alfonso Cuarón and co-writer of Gravity, you do it with an action-packed thriller. For Jonás’s feature directorial debut, he’s again teamed up with his dad for Desierto, a high-stakes showdown at the border that pits Cuarón favorite Gael García Bernal against your future Walking Dead baddie Jeffrey Dean Morgan. In its first extremely stressful trailer, Morgan’s on a deadly mission to stop Bernal (who’s just trying to get to his son) from entering the country by any means necessary, which apparently includes siccing his German shepherd on him through a maze of cacti. Oh, and shooting all of Bernal’s friends. It’s intense! And all too real. Desierto is out next spring.

Watch the Trailer for Jonás Cuarón’s Desierto