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Watch a 2015 Movie Mash-Up and Prepare to Feel Morally Obligated to See Every Film That Came Out This Year

Hey, how often do you consider the fact that new movies are the cresting wave of both technological achievement and humanity’s ability to express itself? Is it never? If so, you are going to feel really bad you haven’t seen a lot of the films featured in the Final Cut 2015 movie mash-up. Seriously, how many of this year’s movies have you seen? Fifty percent? Thirty? Ten? So many people have poured their lives into these films, and there you are, watching Drop Dead Gorgeous over and over again like an idiot. Well, not anymore! Get to watching! And, yes, you do have to watch Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. Grow up. It probably has some very funny scenes.

Watch a Very Thorough 2015 Movie Mash-Up