Kendrick Lamar’s New Video Might Kill Your NYE Vibe, But Watch It Anyway

It’s New Year’s Eve, you’re probably already drunk. We won’t judge. Neither will Kendrick Lamar, who puts a bow on his remarkable year with the newest installment of his stellar visual experience for To Pimp a Butterfly (which includes the best video of 2015) with a two-part short film for “U” and “For Sale?” It starts off with Kendrick drowning himself in an entire liquor cellar’s worth of booze (he’s one of those sad drinkers), which descends into such deep despair that he can only then be rescued by a group of topless enchantresses, natch. The whole second-half’s full of subliminal messages about Tracee Ellis Ross’s vibrancy (duh), chicken, and greed that pop up way too fast — because loving Kendrick will never not be complicated. But obviously, the internet’s already screenshot them all for you to read at your own pace. Cheers!

Watch Kendrick Lamar’s Video for ‘U’/‘For Sale?’