Robyn’s New Video Makes Filming a Slumber Party Look a Lot More Fun Than Actually Throwing One

If Robyn and La Bagatelle Magique’s “Love Is Free” hasn’t been your party playlist go-to this year, damn, you missed out. At least bump it on New Year’s Eve and send 2015 out with a bang. For whatever reason, months later, Robyn has dropped a video for the year’s best rave anthem in which things get pretty meta. It’s essentially a video within a video that has Robyn and the song’s featured singer Maluca staging a sexy sleepover in front of a bunch of cameramen. She takes you on a wild ride of wardrobe changes, makeup sessions, and all the things artists always pretend to hate about video shoots, except Robyn makes it look like a blast.

Watch Robyn’s Video for ‘Love Is Free’