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This Extended Avengers: Age of Ultron Fight Scene Offers More Vision, More Thor, and a Lot More Punching

Quicker than you could say “Wait, who the hell is that guy?,” the character Vision was thrust into the center of last summer’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron. If you thought the new superhero’s introduction to the film’s narrative was a little abrupt, you’ll be pleased to know that Paul Bettany’s character initially had a much longer scene with Thor. The two are wailing on each other for the duration of the new footage. The extended scene from the Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phrase Two box set not only showcases Vision’s special abilities, but also offers a fun peek at all the different stages of modern fight-scene technology: motion-capture suits, horrible unfinished CGI, exposed flying wires, etc. How mad do you think stunt coordinators get when this kind of magic ends up on the cutting-room floor?: “I made Paul Bettany fly through the air like a god. Man, if only throwing someone through a giant window was something a regular person could get away with.”

Watch This Deleted Avengers: Age of Ultron Fight