Watch Will Forte’s Religious Crusade Against Breakfast Cereals

How much thought do you put into your breakfast cereal? Do you pour it each morning automatically, by routine, giving little mind to what this meal may have to do with Satan? If so, Will Forte is here to help: In this exclusive clip from the new comedy Don Verdean, directed by Napoleon Dynamite helmer Jared Hess (and out today in theaters, on demand, and on iTunes), Forte plays a nutty pastor preaching to his flock about the dangers of deviant cereals like Grape Nuts. Eventually, this mendacious man of the cloth will become entangled with Sam Rockwell (playing the movie’s titular biblical archaeologist), but for now, just press play and let Will Forte educate you. You’ll be glad you did, and so will your morning routine.

Watch Will Forte Rant About Breakfast Cereals