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The Most-Streamed Beatles Songs on Every Service (and What It Says About You)

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The Boys are Back Photo: Evening Standard/Getty Images

Everyone’s Christmas present this year was the Beatles finally arriving on streaming services last week. You weren’t gonna pay for it, but now that it’s free, you can finally listen to “Yellow Submarine” as much as you want! You can also update all of your preexisting Spotify playlists with the various Beatles songs they were sorely missing. We’ve shown you the most-streamed Beatles tracks on Spotify, but now that the dust has settled on the Beatles’ debut streaming weekend, here are the top ten Beatles songs on every streaming service and what those song choices mean about your personality.

First, the overall top ten streamed Beatles tracks:

(Averaged from Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Amazon Prime, Slacker Radio, Google Play, and Microsoft Groove)

1. “Hey Jude”

2. “Let It Be”

3. “Come Together”

4. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

5. “Love Me Do”

6. “Here Comes the Sun”

7. “She Loves You”

8. “Eleanor Rigby”

9. “Twist and Shout” / “From Me to You” (Tied)

10. “Yesterday”

Now that you know what the masses (Big Bang Theory and Criminal Minds fans, mostly) listen to, let’s look at the top ten for each individual streaming service.

The top ten Beatles tracks streamed on Spotify:

1. “Let It Be”

2. “Here Comes the Sun”

3. “Hey Jude”

4. “Twist and Shout”

5. “Come Together”

6. “In My Life”

7. “Yesterday”

8. “Blackbird”

9. “All You Need Is Love”

10. “Help!”

What It Says About You: Your array of basic Beatles songs that anyone with a passing interest would know perfectly fits your laissez-faire attitude about music. The Beatles’ entire catalogue is on Spotify, but if you wanted to listen to deep cuts you’d have done it a long time ago. You just put the songs you remember by name into a playlist titled “BEATLES” and pressed play at some point over the weekend.

The top ten Beatles tracks streamed on Apple Music:

1. “Here Comes the Sun”

2. “Hey Jude”

3. “Blackbird”

4. “Revolution”

5. “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da”

6. “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds”

7. “Let It Be”

8. “Come Together”

9. “In My Life”

10. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

What It Says About You: You forgot to cancel your Apple Music free trial, but at least you got to listen to some Beatles songs over Christmas. You signed up for Apple Music in the first place, which means you’re somewhat adventurous in your music choices. You don’t want to listen to “Yesterday” — it reminds you of the hot (pretentious) guy in college who used to play it at open-mic nights. No, you prefer those wacky, abstract songs like “Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da” that make no damn sense, but hell, they’re fun to listen to. You like to rock out, which is why you’re listening to “Revolution.” And “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” is in your top ten because you just appreciate a goddamn beautiful song.

The top ten Beatles tracks streamed on Tidal:

1. “Love Me Do”

2. “Twist and Shout”

3. “Please Please Me”

4. “From Me to You”

5. “She Loves You”

6. “I Saw Her Standing There”

7. “I Wanna Be Your Man”

8. “It Won’t Be Long”

9. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

10. “A Hard Day’s Night”

What It Says About You: This list is remarkable in part because it’s all pop songs from their early boy-band phase. None of the Beatles’ later, trippier work makes the cut. Which makes sense if you assume the only people who’ve signed up for Tidal are Rihanna stans waiting for ANTI. They’re gonna listen to pure pop Beatles. Look, there’s a reason “It Won’t Be Long,” “I Saw Her Standing There,” and “Please Please Me” only appear on this top ten and no others. No one purchased Tidal just to listen to the Beatles. If you’re listening to them on this service, you already have it because you are waiting for Rihanna’s goddamn album. “It Won’t Be Long,” you keep telling yourself. “I Saw Her Standing There Posing for Photos and Not Relinquishing Her Vocals,” you say. Please. Please. Give the album to me.

The top ten Beatles tracks streamed on Amazon Prime:

1. “Hey Jude”

2. “Let It Be”

3. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

4. “Yesterday”

5. “Eleanor Rigby”

6. “She Loves You”

7. “All You Need Is Love”

8. “Help!”

9. “The Long and Winding Road”

10. “We Can Work It Out”

What It Says About You: You bought the Beatles’ greatest-hits album, 1, for Christmas because you’ve somehow never purchased a Beatles album before. You also picked up Adele’s album. You’re discovering all sorts of new music!

The top ten Beatles tracks streamed on Slacker Radio:

1. “P.S. I Love You”

2. “Yellow Submarine”

3. “All My Loving”

4. “And I Love Her”

5. “Eight Days a Week”

6. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

7. “Don’t Let Me Down”

8. “Eleanor Rigby”

9. “All You Need Is Love”

10. “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”

What It Says About You: You faved a bunch of random Beatles songs, when you remembered to, as they played on shuffle. You don’t really care what Beatles song you listen to unless it’s the Beatles. Because, really, who else is gonna put “P.S. I Love You” in their top ten Beatles songs? The Beatles could cover Rita Ora songs and you would still fave them because they’re being sung by the Beatles. The nursery rhyme “Yellow Submarine” is practically an Ora song already.

The top ten Beatles tracks streamed on Google Play:

1. “Hey Jude”

2. “Let It Be”

3. “Eleanor Rigby”

4. “Yesterday”

5. “Come Together”

6. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

7. “Help!”

8. “Day Tripper”

9. “Something”

10. “All You Need Is Love”

What It Says About You: The only people who listen to Google Play work at Google or live in the Bay Area, so I guess  “Day Tripper” sounds really great when you’re stoned.

The top ten Beatles tracks streamed on Microsoft Groove:

1. “Love Me Do”

2. “From Me to You”

3. “Come Together”

4. “She Loves You”

5. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”

6. “A Hard Day’s Night”

7. “Can’t Buy Me Love”

8. “Help!”

9. “Yesterday”

10. “Yellow Submarine”

What It Says About You: You’re mysterious. When people ask you if you listened to the Beatles on Spotify this weekend, you tilt your head and respond, “I listened to the Beatles on Microsoft Groove.” People will ask, “What, pray tell, is Microsoft Groove?” You won’t have an answer. It is your one little mystery, because otherwise you have pretty basic Beatles tastes. 

What Your Favorite Beatles Songs Say About You