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Hey, 5 People Who Watched Wicked City, It’s on Hulu Now

Wicked Ed. Photo: ABC

ABC might have canceled Wicked City, the ‘80s serial-killer drama that blew its budget on expensive pop songs like “Tainted Love,” but now it will live on in perpetuity on Hulu. Hulu hasn’t picked up the series (so you can put down your pitchforks, Happy Endings fans), but the remaining first-season episodes will all be available to stream. Currently, only episodes four through seven are available, but The Wrap reports that episode eight will be made available soon. So if you’re in the mood for Ed Westwick playing a bad boy and currently don’t have a Netflix subscription to watch Gossip Girl, there’s a bunch of Wicked City episodes for you to enjoy on Hulu!

Wicked City Is on Hulu Now