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50 Cent Steals Jewels and Shoots Women in ‘I’m the Man’ Music Video

50 Cent is The Man. In case you forgot, he reminds you of this a dozen times in his aptly-titled “I’m the Man,” which is about how 50 is The Man, and in which he addresses his listeners thusly: “Bitch, I’m the man / Hoe, I’m the man.” In the accompanying ten-minute video, amusingly produced by G-Unit Films, 50 and his crew steal jewels, shoot bathing women, and drive shiny cars through the enveloping nocturne of after-hours New York. The song, produced by Sonny Digital off of 50’s December album The Kanan Tape, takes up about half of the video, while the other half depicts the robbery-murders. In case you were worried there would be some irony or moral ambiguity in the film, don’t worry: The thieves get away with the crime, riding into the night in an inky-black Cadillac. Cause 50’s The Man.

50 Cent Badly Wants You to Know He’s ‘The Man’