Harry Potter Fans Memorialized Alan Rickman at Platform 9 3/4, Universal Studios

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Alan Rickman. Photo: Tristan Fewings/2015 Getty Images

Harry Potter fans honored the late Alan Rickman on Thursday by turning London’s Platform 9 3/4 shop into a touching memorial. Visitors of King’s Cross station used scarves, flowers, and notes to decorate the site and pay their respects to the man who played the saga’s menacing potions professor. “So much love for our Snape,” tweeted one user. “Potterhead solidarity.” The beloved movie and theater actor’s death was announced early Thursday morning, eliciting near-immediate responses from J.K. Rowling and Co. The author said she was “shocked and devastated,” noting the world had “lost a great talent.”

See how some Potter devotees in turn commemorated Rickman and his character, below:

In a similarly poignant vein, a Universal Studios Orlando employee also placed a lone lily in front of the resort’s potions classroom:

Wonderful suggestion from a coworker. I placed a lily at the door of the potions classroom at Forbidden Journey today. Rest well, Mr. Rickman. #alanrickman #severussnape #always #slytherin #turntopage394 #classdismissed

Fans Honor Rickman at Platform 9 3/4, Universal