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Alessia Cara’s ‘Hotline Bling’ and ‘Magnets’ Covers Are the Chillest Things You’ll Hear All Week

Alessia Cara, who made herself into the music world’s over-it young sister with her bored-at-the-party anthem “Here,” stopped by BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge to dress down a few a tracks by other artists. Cara pulled off an acoustic “Hotline Bling,” heavy on the guitar with a bit more swaggering syncopation that the 6 God usually employs. And in what hopefully prefigures the ultimate cool-girl collaboration, Cara also took a swing at Lorde and Disclosure’s “Magnets.” Seriously, can you imagine what an Alessia Cara and Lorde track would be like? A minor chord smudged with black lipstick? A leather jacket and the melody that isn’t a melody when the music stops playing at a house party? Whatever it sounds like when your DNA simply unwinds? The world needs to know.

Alessia Cara Covers ‘Hotline Bling,’ ‘Magnets’