Ben Stiller Models at Valentino Store, Live Tweets First Zoolander Movie

Ben Stiller.

It’s finally almost time for Zoolander round two (a.k.a. 2oolander), which means the world must prepare for much more major modeling mayhem. In an effort to help fans do just that, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson — or, Derek Zoolander and Hansel — posed for some semi-real modeling Sunday morning in Rome, right in the Valentino store windows. “Hey Rome I hear Derek Zoolander and Hansel are modeling at Valentino store window in a little while,” Stiller tweeted, also hashtagging “so hot right now,” because they are also so method right now. (Yep, they were in the window.) Look at these guys feeling hot, hot, hot:

Caption: “You guys love selfies.”

Caption: “What are you looking at lady We are just two totally normal supermodels who are totally at the height of our game And no you CAN’T take a selfie!”

Caption: “When Mr. Valentino hired me to model in his store window, I told him: ‘be prepared to sell a million more butterfly baskets!’”

The plugs and prep didn’t stop there: Afterward, Stiller held a brief live-tweet and Q&A session, tied to the first film in the stylin’ saga. Here are some highlights — in the form of fun facts, quips, and David Bowie shout-outs — to refresh your Zoolander memory and get you in the zone:

See the rest of those here, and expect your long-awaited second dose of Blue Steel to hit Stateside theaters on February 12.

Stiller Models at Valentino, Tweets Zoolander