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Bernie Sanders, the Coolest Professor You Had in College, Sings ‘This Land Is Your Land’ With Vampire Weekend

You know how the coolest people in college were the kids who disavowed all that social climbing and just, you know, talked about socialism with their folk music groups? (Your experience may vary.) Well, if Vampire Weekend is the successful band version of those music groups (and it is), then Bernie Sanders is the cool professor who shows up at all their concerts. Sanders appeared with Vampire Weekend — minus their keyboardist, Rostom Batmanglij, who recently left the group, as well as their bassist Chris Baio, who’s on tour with his side band — in Iowa for a campaign rally last night. Also in attendance: Dirty Projectors’ Dave Longstreth, comedy duo the Lucas Brothers, and the Hawkapellas, an all-female a cappella group from the University of Iowa. Watch Sanders swing his arms to the music. Watch nearly every member of the crowd choose a different direction in which to sway. There’s a kegger at Sigma Nu afterward. Spread the word.

Bernie Sanders Performs With Vampire Weekend