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David Bowie’s Death Creates an Insane, Surreal Level of Chaos on British Celebrity Big Brother

Strap on your safety helmets, because you’re going to want to run your head straight into a wall after this. On the U.K.’s Celebrity Big Brother, one of the contestants, Angie Bowie, ex-wife of late, great starman David Bowie, had just learned of her ex-husband’s death. She was understandably distraught, which perhaps led her to make the ill-advised decision to relay the news to fellow housemate Tiffany “New York” Pollard, of VH1 fame. When Angie tells her, “David’s dead,” however, Tiffany assumes this to mean their other surreal-life celebrity housemate David Gest, who is actually just napping upstairs, and promptly begins to lose her mind. Pandemonium ensues as she spreads the misinformation like the town Drudge Report.

A lot of viewers are upset at Celebrity Big Brother (including one Piers Morgan) for what they see as the show exploiting Bowie’s death for ratings, even though Angie Bowie consented to continue filming after she learned of the news. Here she is in the “diary room”:

But really, let’s forget all this and just go listen to some Bowie.

Bowie’s Death Confuses U.K. Celeb Big Brother