A Bradley Cooper Imposter Got Kicked Out of a Party at Sundance Because, Apparently, Looking Like Bradley Cooper Isn’t Enough for Some People

Photo: Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Shoot for the moon! Even if you miss, you look enough like Bradley Cooper to at least try to sneak into a Sundance party. According to “Page Six,” a faux Coops sneaked his way into a party for director Elizabeth Wood’s drug drama White Girl at Bar 53 at Rock and Reilly’s. Apparently, organizers “quickly caught on” that their Bradley Cooper was a cheap knockoff when security confronted him. How did they figure out something like that, you might ask? “He said, ‘You’re done for!’ and would not give ID,” a source claimed. “He pushed a button on an iPhone and had a picture of ‘The Hangover’ as his screensaver.” Wow. He really blew that one. Does this guy know how many people go through life trying to sneak into Sundance parties while not looking at all like Bradley Cooper? Have some respect.

A Bradley Cooper Imposter Crashed Sundance Party