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Please Refer to Brie Larson As ‘Young Brie’ From Now On

27th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala - Arrivals
Don’t cross Young Brie.

Awards season is one of the stranger rings of the great Hollywood circus, during which actors and producers and directors have to sit through exhaustive interviews, remember to praise everyone in the cast and crew in the right order, and then provide a charming kicker to fill out an interview. These are usually not that charming, but sometimes, as in Jason Mitchell’s (Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton) interview with Deadline, they are perfect. In response to one last question about starring with Brie Larson in Kong: Skull Island, Mitchell said:

We get along. We kick it on our days off. I think we’re both kind of in the same place mentally where we’re not caught up on the hype of it or none of that. We’re still at a super-homey point. No matter how much people talk about awards stuff, we still love it so much that every day matters, every moment matters to us. It’s dope working with somebody like that. I felt like I had to give her a rap name. She always wanted a rap name her whole life, so I’m like, ‘you’re Young Brie now.’

That’s right, America’s sweetheartRoom star, not-“It” Girl, and former pop star (lest you forgot) Brie Larson should now be referred to as “Young Brie.” We have a lot of questions: Do people still give each other rap names? Did Jason Mitchell give rap names to his Kong: Skull Island co-stars Samuel L. Jackson and Tom Hiddleston? Does this make Alison Brie “Old Brie” or maybe “Cultured Brie” — or is that too cheesy? Heck, isn’t “Stinky Brie” a much better rap name for anyone than any of those options?

But then again, who are we to challenge Jason Mitchell’s decree?

Brie Larson Has a Rap Name Now