Broadway Video’s Latino-Focused Comedy Channel Más Mejor Launches Today

Broadway Video just added another comedy outlet to the internet today with the launch of Más Mejor, a new comedy channel featuring Latino writers and comedians. “Our mission is to cultivate Latino comedic talent and create and distribute premium comedy content for a diverse and progressive audience where they consume media,” the channel says in their mission statement. Here are some of the names attached to the channel so far:

Fred Armisen, Oscar Nuñez, Horatio Sanz, Frank Garcia-Hejl, Julio Torres, Carlos Alazraqui, Alexis Pereira, Melissa Villaseñor, Isabella Gerasole, Dustin Ybarra, Jasbir Singh Vazquez, Frankie Quinones, David Lopez, Veronica Osorio, Fabrizio Copano, Sofia Gonzalez, Eddie Mujica, Room 28

Watch Horatio Sanz and Fred Armisen’s “Toy Collectors” video above, then check out the rest of Más Mejor’s current offerings below:

Broadway Video’s Latino-Focused Comedy Channel Más […]