Bye, Future

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I will admit, in the past, to having dragged Ciara. For her inability to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts since “Goodies” in 2004. For her unfortunate Twitter fight with Rihanna in 2011, where she got roasted within an inch of her life. But jokes at Ciara’s expense have never extended beyond her music output. And even then, sparingly so, because when she hits the stage she slays a dance break to some pre-recorded vocals. The subject of her personal life, however, should never be up for grabs. And yet … the winged monkeys who constantly trash Ciara in defense of Future, her part-time ex and full-time drug addict, would have you think otherwise.

Look, DS2 is a great album, I’ll give you that. It’s much better than someone high on codeine and mumbling like a gangster in Dick Tracy has any right to be. But that’s the appeal of Future. Mediocre men who like to share Ayesha Curry tweets about how women should dress, but won’t share Chris Rock’s comments about the inequality between black and white women’s pay in Hollywood, love Future because it’s accessible. It’s incredibly easy to mumble along to Future while you’re drunk and slurring your speech. You might even think you could be a rapper. You might get inspired to sell compact discs out of your trunk at the local community college. But this is a fantasy. Just like the idea that Future needs defense against the big bad Ciara Princess Harris.

This man has fathered four children with four women. In a since-deleted photo, Ciara even gathered all the women for a summit where they presumably discussed Gone Girl and the frequency of child-support payments.

Living Single. Photo: ciara/Instagram

I have no idea how much contact Future has with his children. But I do know that DS2 (and his previous work) is full of admissions that he is a drug addict. He rapped, “I’m an addict and I can’t even hide it” on a track named “Codeine Crazy.” He takes Percocets with strippers.

Yet, people want to defend his actions when he does childish things like calling the mother of his most recent child a “bitch” and complaining about child-support payments on Twitter. His fans, known jokingly as the #FutureHive by those who find them annoying, cook up memes calling Ciara every name in the book because she wants to raise her child with Russell Wilson, a man who is not a drug addict.

Here are some facts about Future: Future is not your friend. Future is not the greatest rapper alive. Future’s parts of What a Time to Be Alive are not better than Drake’s. Future does not need grown men defending him on Twitter. Grown men do not need to be trashing a mother who is doing her best to raise a child and chart a single higher than No. 22 on the Hot 100.

Ciara has her own problems, don’t contribute to them with misogynistic memes and the notion that just because a drug addict mumbles about his predicaments, you have some intense personal connection with him. He doesn’t just smoke weed, he does hard narcotics. A mother should have a right to protect her child from that. A father should not want their children to bear witness to it. And the one thing certainly not in the parenting handbook is sending your fans to the mentions of said mother to terrorize her.

Grow up.

Bye, Future