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Channing Describes Beyoncé As Keyser Söze From The Usual Suspects Because She’s Mysterious and All-Powerful

When you are dressed as someone else, the last thing you want is to turn around and see that person dancing better than you while wearing less highlighter. Channing Tatum met Beyoncé for the very first time while onstage during his infamous Lip Sync Battle performance, and somehow did not utter a guttural scream and drop to his knees in terror and awe. Imagine dressing as Beyoncé for Halloween, only to turn around and see Bey eating more Reese’s Cups than you — and faster. It would be devastating. Tatum goes on to describe Beyoncé as his Keyser Söze for her unknowable mystery, though she did text him later and suggest that they hang out, which means she’s an even better Keyser Söze.

Channing Tatum on Meeting Beyoncé on LSB