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Yes, We Might Be Getting a Chicago Law, Too

That toddling town! Photo: NBC

In the Chicago television system, the people are entertained by three separate, but equally important, shows: Chicago P.D., which investigates crime; Chicago Med, which saves lives; and Chicago Fire, which puts out fires. But now — chung-chung — it looks like Dick Wolf’s stable of Windy City dramas may be getting a fourth installment. Ripped from the headlines of THR comes news that NBC is currently developing Chicago Law (it’s a working title, but come on), thus bringing balance to the procedural universe. The news comes a week after Wolf told the TCA tour that it would “be obviously short-sighted … not to be kicking the tires” on another Chicago show (tires he would continue to kick even while being questioned by a homicide detective). If Chicago Law ends up going to series, expect the ultimate four-part crossover event: A deep-dish pizza oven catches fire and burns a restaurant to the ground, injuring dozens — but was it malpractice … or arson? Chicago!

We Might Finally Be Getting a Chicago Law, Too