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Someone Was Bound to Write a Sitcom About a Pot Dispensary, and Now That Someone Is Chuck Lorre

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Lorre. Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImages

It’s taken two whole years, but, finally, someone in Hollywood has come up with the idea of a workplace comedy set in a Colorado marijuana dispensary — and, wouldn’t you know, that someone turned out to be Chuck Lorre, bard of the three-camera sitcom. Deadline reports that Lorre is currently pitching both networks and streaming venues a spec script written alongside The Daily Show’s David Javerbaum that follows a stable of stoners who work in one of the state’s legal weed shops. Finally! (High-nally?) If there’s any justice, this show will stay on the air for 19 seasons and end its run with exactly 420 episodes.

Chuck Lorre Shopping Sitcom About Pot Dispensary