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New 10 Cloverfield Lane Trailer: This Place Is a Trap, But Escaping Could Be Even Worse

10 Cloverfield Lane isn’t exactly a sequel to Cloverfield (it’s more of a “blood relative,” according to J.J. Abrams). That said, Lane’s PR team sure has mastered the first Cloverfield’s tactic of releasing a lot and saying very little. Observe the latest trailer, which has Mary Elizabeth attempt to escape from John Goodman’s bunker, only to be told that everyone outside it is dead. Has the Cloverfield monster killed them? Is Goodman lying? Why does Goodman have such a nice bunker anyway?

Then watch the first two trailers below for all the other hints you’re going to get:

10 Cloverfield Lane is directed by Dan Trachtenberg and stars John Goodman, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and John Gallagher, Jr. According to the trailers, Damien Chazelle (Whiplash) also lent a hand on the script. The project, from Abrams’s production company, Bad Robot, was originally referred to as a “post-apocalyptic thriller” called Valencia, about a girl (Winstead) John Goodman had locked in a basement. How does that relate to a monster attack? No idea, but it hits theaters March 11.

New Cloverfield Trailer: Don’t Try to Escape