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James Corden Plays ‘Sorry’ on Giant Piano; You Wonder If Justin Bieber Is Just a Little Kid Who Made a Wish to Be Big

Has Justin Bieber ever done something that made you think, Why would a grown man do such a thing? Exactly! Maybe Justin Bieber isn’t a grown man, but actually a little Canadian boy who wished on a Canadian fortune-teller machine called Lafleur Speaks that he could be an adult. You might be saying, “But Bieber was famous when he was a kid, how would this be possible?” To that, I say: Remember when Bieber was seen peeing in a bucket? Anyway, this video of James Corden and Sean Hayes playing “Sorry” on a giant piano is a GD blast, and might single-handedly cause Hollywood to reboot Big. If you do, Hollywood, I know a certain Canadian who would be perfect.

Corden Plays Bieber’s ‘Sorry’ on Giant Piano