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Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Had to Cut an Olive Garden Joke for Being Too Offensive

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No more pasta for you!

In a profile for The New York Times Magazine, Rachel Bloom said she had to get rid of a joke in a Crazy Ex-Girlfriend song because it was maybe going to be offensive to Olive Garden.

[Writer Jack] Dolgen informed Bloom that a lyric involving someone taking call girls to the Olive Garden had been nixed by some corporate overlord.“Wait — what, no call girls?” she said. Someone explained that the reference could be interpreted as disparaging to the restaurant. Her face fell. She cursed. “That’s the joke,” she said. “What about child prostitutes? Can we say 7-year-old child prostitutes? For the record, I love Olive Garden.”

Bloom may love Olive Garden, but Olive Garden is apparently selective about who can have a never-ending-pasta pass. To be fair, Olive Garden didn’t actually weigh in, but the corporate overlord not wanting to say that call girls go to Olive Garden is definitely just straight-up offensive to call girls, right? Let the call girls have something called “flavor-filled pasta” if they want it! 

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Had to Cut Olive Garden Joke