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Danielle Staub Has All the Receipts on Andy Cohen and She’s Publishing a Tell-All

Don’t call them “honey.” Photo: Getty Images

The Sally Bowles of the New Jersey Turnpike, Danielle Staub, will go silently into that good night no longer. Staub took to Twitter to announce that her “silence” is over and she plans to spill all the details on Andy Cohen, Bravo, and Real Housewives of New Jersey’s effect on her life. What becomes of a dream that has a table flipped at it? Does it dry up like being engaged 19 times? Does it fester like being called a “prostitution whore” on television — then run? Staub is a caged bird no longer; she’s Nora Helmer and she’s leaving Torvald behind and slamming that door defiantly.

Maybe Staub can shed some light on which pop stars besides Lance Bass Cohen has had a digital get-down with.


Danielle Staub Has Andy Cohen’s Receipts