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Danny DeVito Defends the Filth He Wrote Backstage at Hamilton, Like Some Kind of Dirty Phantom of the Opera

When celebrities go see Hamilton, they often commemorate the experience by signing the production’s poster of Alexander Hamilton, usually with inoffensive things, like “Loved it!” or “So inspirational!” Danny DeVito did not do that. Instead, he wrote some real questionable stuff on Alexander Hamilton’s wiener, but as he explained to Seth Meyers Wednesday night, he did it out of love and artistic admiration. Ten bucks says, if you go backstage at any current Broadway production, there is mysterious smutty graffiti on someone’s junk: The Book of Mormon, Jersey Boys, The Color Purple, you name it. They’re all probably marked up with “bad handwriting.” And as for the posters that don’t have them yet … Danny DeVito waits.

Danny DeVito Defends His Dirty Hamilton Graffiti