Danny Glover Suggests We ‘Do Away With’ Awards Shows in General and Boy, Is It a Convincing Pitch

Danny Glover’s here and he wants to remind you of an interesting little fact about movies: They are a vital form of expression that can uplift humanity and teach people how to live. In an interview with Variety at Sundance, Glover passionately breaks down the intricate interplay between film awards, financing, global distribution, and art. “We have to talk about another process: the democratization of making movies,” he says. “Not 15 men deciding what you’re going to see. Fifteen men saying, ‘You’re going to see this movie this year and you’re going to see this movie.’” Glover suggests that if filmmaking awards don’t reflect the needs of the actual viewing audience, then “maybe we should do away with them.” If you can hear Danny Glover’s explanation and not be moved by his argument at least a little bit, then, baby, maybe you need to watch some new movies.

Danny Glover Suggests We Get Rid of Awards Shows