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Deadpool Officially Earned That R Rating You Wanted! Chimichangas for Everybody! Over 17!

Photo: Twentieth Century Fox

Deadpool fans must be weeping into their delicious chimichangas with joy now that Ryan Reynolds’s sassy, hideously disfigured antihero film has officially earned itself an R rating. Some had feared that releasing the violent, borderline campy Deadpool from 20th Century Fox would necessitate that it be watered down to PG-13, but if the film’s heretofore unrated trailers were any indication, that would have been almost impossible. Between the butthole jokes and the stabbings, a PG-13 Deadpool would be roughly 25 minutes long. Though maybe you can keep the butthole jokes? Wow, these are the questions the MPAA must riddle out every day.

Deadpool Officially Rated R