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According to His Seth Meyers Interview, El Chapo Is a Vicious Crime Lord and Has Terrible Taste in Movies

The only problem with Horatio Sanz’s impression of Mexican drug kingpin El Chapo is that, between the giggling and natural rapport with Seth Meyers, you kind of end up forgetting all the bad things the real El Chapo has done. This is like Kate McKinnon’s Hillary all over again! (Just kidding! Hilary 2016.) On the other hand, Sanz imbues his El Chapo with a very questionable taste in films, which raises an interesting question: If El Chapo had been familiar with Sean Penn’s oeuvre, would he have still agreed to do the interview? Or would he have held out for, say, an Michael Jordan or a Zach Galifianakis, or whoever played Watto? Looks like we’ll never know. Oh, until El Chapo breaks out and does another celebrity interview next month.

El Chapo Pitches Movie Ideas on Seth Meyers