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Holy Nostalgia Porn! Fall Out Boy and Demi Lovato Made a Sequel to ’N Sync’s ‘It’s Gonna Be Me’

Because Fall Out Boy is the best band ever (this is a fact; please don’t try to debate this), they’ve made a sequel to ‘N Sync’s 16-year-old “It’s Gonna Be Me” music video. They even went so far as to hire Wayne Isham, the guy who directed the original, just to get everything extra “It’s Gonna Be Me”–y. Because this is nostalgia porn at its finest, you might just say, “Okay, cool,” and watch, but also, you might wonder:

1. Did Fall Out Boy use Poe Dameron to find the last two surviving members of ‘N Sync?

2. Was Lance Bass that busy?

3. Are these the original ‘N Sync dolls that Chris Kirkpatrick had hidden in his basement somewhere, or are they replicas?

4. Is Demi Lovato related to Kim Smith, the model who made the ‘N Sync dolls come alive in “It’s Gonna Be Me”? Is she from a long line of Blue Fairies who make dolls into real boys?

5. How sad is it that Kirkpatrick’s doll was turned into a human and now he’s been forced to work in the very toy factory that imprisoned them 16 years ago?

6. How hot is Fall Out Boy drummer Andy Hurley, who blesses us by being shirtless all the time, like he’s in the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

7. Why isn’t Demi Lovato the front woman for a punk band yet? She could be the new Debbie Harry.

8. Why are some of the Fall Out Boy toys dolls and the others bobbleheads?

9. Why is Joey Fatone evil in this video when we all know it’s Timberlake who’s in the Illuminati?

10. Which band will finish this trilogy in 2032?

Fall Out Boy Made a Sequel to an ’N Sync Video