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Kimmel Edits The Force Awakens to Appease Men’s-Rights Group, and Wow, It Is 100 Percent Better

See you in garbage feminist hell, J.J. Abrams! This is the Force Awakens the world really needs! Jimmy Kimmel Live did the men’s-rights movement a huge solid last night by reediting the Star Wars sequel to make it more male-centric. The edit came in response to a boycott of the film by Return of Kings, an online men’s-rights group that has spent its precious time on this beautiful blue orb complaining about a white girl and a black guy being in a movie. Not to overstate things, but Kimmel’s masterpiece is what all of cinematic history has been building toward from day one, and everything else has been an absolute waste of everyone’s time. Stay till the end for two very big cameos I think you’re going to enjoy, bro.

Kimmel Makes Force Awakens: Men’s-Rights Version